Purpose of Blog

As technicians that work on a highly sophisticated and complex compressor, in the opinion of this blogger, we are severely handicapped by the lack of really in depth information in the area of determining causes of failures and indicators of potential failures. The Danfoss Turbocor training course is aimed at how to locate, isolate and… Leia mais Purpose of Blog


The inlet Guide Vanes are mounted in the suction of the compressor, after the suction pressure/ temperature sensors and just before the inlet of the compressor rotors. These vanes are essentially the same as those in a standard, centrifugal compressor. In a standard, centrifugal compressor, these inlet vanes are used to reduce compressor capacity by… Leia mais INLET GUIDE VANE OPERATION


Indication of GENERATOR MODE in conjunction with BEARING FAULTS indicates a power disruption of some type to the compressor while the compressor was in operation. This is a normal condition when a power disruption occurs and indicates the compressor entered the generator mode (turned off SCR´s to disconnect compressor inverter from incoming power), as the… Leia mais GENERATOR MODE

Alarms and Faults

It is of critical importance to the long term health of the compressor that EVERY time a chiller is visited, or contacted via remote contact, there is a detailed review of the FAULTS and EVENTS logs from the chiller controller. Any ALARMS or FAULTS being displayed must be examined to determine of the alarm or… Leia mais Alarms and Faults

Discharge check valve of compressor

The installation of a check valve on the discharge of Turbocor compressor is mandatory to prevent the compressor rotating backwards on shutdown as well as pressure from the condenser flowing backward through the compressor to the evaporator when the compressor is  shut down. While there is little to guide the service technician regarding the maintenance/… Leia mais Discharge check valve of compressor

Condensate on exterior of compressor / under side service cover

When doing service work on the Turbocor compressor, it is Always good to note the level of condensation near the rear bell housing and in the area of the cooling solenoids and rear bearing power pass through plug. The amount of condensation experienced will depend to a large extent on the environment surrounding the compressor. … Leia mais Condensate on exterior of compressor / under side service cover