The inlet Guide Vanes are mounted in the suction of the compressor, after the suction pressure/ temperature sensors and just before the inlet of the compressor rotors. These vanes are essentially the same as those in a standard, centrifugal compressor. In a standard, centrifugal compressor, these inlet vanes are used to reduce compressor capacity by… Leia mais INLET GUIDE VANE OPERATION

Part load operation

PART LOAD OPERATION ISSUES: One of the very strong features of the Turbocor compressor is its ability to operate at part load conditions. This is particularly true in multiple compressor units where, as the load reduces, one or more compressors can be staged off. It is always preferable for the Turbocor compressors to run part… Leia mais Part load operation

SURGE – What causes it – How to prevent

PREVENTING SURGE: Surge typically occurs when the compressor is operating with a high pressure ratio (PR), or when either the suction or discharge pressure change more rapidly than the compressor controls can adjust the compressor speed (RPM´s) and/ or inlet guide vane (IGV) position. Pressure Ratio (PR) is a number that is calculated based on… Leia mais SURGE – What causes it – How to prevent

SURGE – What is it?

Historically, the author has worked with technicians from Danfoss Turbocor, Multistack and Smardt, Canada, Smardt Australia and Smardt, Germany. The author is aware that there is a higher than normal percentage of compressor failures at certain sites and has discussed these failures with technicians and engineers from various organizations. The conclusion drawn from this set… Leia mais SURGE – What is it?