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As technicians that work on a highly sophisticated and complex compressor, in the opinion of this blogger, we are severely handicapped by the lack of really in depth information in the area of determining causes of failures and indicators of potential failures.
The Danfoss Turbocor training course is aimed at how to locate, isolate and repair a compressor failure. The Turbocor OEM manufacturer´s training courses (such as Multistck, Smardt and Arctic) essentially copy the Danfoss Turbocor training course (in fact, they use many of the same visuals) with added information regarding each manufacturer´s chiller control.
There are two very important areas not addressed by any of these training courses.
First of all, and most important, any time there is a compressor failure, all possible efforts must be made to determine why the failure occurred. This is absolutely critical to prevent repeat failures. These efforts include detailed review of the chiller controller historical logs as well as the faults and events logs from the compressor itself. I personally know of various installations with multiple compressor failures where the cause of the failures has never been addressed.
Secondly, any time we have contractual responsibility for maintenance on a chiller, we, as the responsible technicians, must continually review the operation of the chiller using the same information indicated above, looking for potential causes of future failures. This is extremely important to protect the client against a potential compressor failure.
In my experience, the application engineers and technical support people from Danfoss Turbocor and the various OEM manufacturers have extensive levels of experience and are good reference sources. However, they typically have a great deal of priorities occupying their time and it is difficult to get real time help when you are in the field working on a unit and need assistance. Added to this is the fact that the most experienced engineers are the Danfoss Turbocor application engineers and they are not directly available to the technicians/ engineers working directly with the units. They are only available to the application engineers of the OEMs.
The information we need to properly support the Tubocor Compressor based chillers in the field is only available through experience. There is no reference manual that contains this information.
The purpose of this blog is to begin to record this body of experience in a manner that it is readily available directly to personnel working directly with the Turbocor technology.

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