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Replacement Parts

Brazil Only

Turbocor Services has negotiated an arrangement whereby End User Clients with Turbocor Compressor based chillers can buy replacement parts direct from a Danfoss Turbocor OEM (original equipment manufacturer) with no ¨middle-man¨ . Clients buying through this arrangement will be required to pay for the replacement parts in US$ direct to the OEM prior to parts shipment. Parts can be purchased through direct deposit or credit card. Included in this site is a calculation of the estimated taxes that must be paid upon importation. These figues are estimated based on the best information available on the day of the quote. Importation taxes must be paid upon arrivel of the replacement parts in Brazil and are the responsibility of the purchasing entity.

Turbocor Services will assist End User Client in making sure correct parts are ordered, placing their order directly with the OEM supplier and in contracting an importation agent who is familiar with the importation of these parts.

The PARTS ORDERING TOOL presented here is provided as a means of facilitating the process of purchasing replacement parts for Turbocor compressors in the most economic manner possible. All costs to purchase the part, pay the importing agent, pay international transportation, pay importation taxes and pay for local transportation in Brazil are for the account of the End User Client who is ordering the part. There are no fees payable to Turbo Cor Services.

In the case where an End User Client has various parts to order, it is possible that further discounts can be offered. End User Client should contact Turb Cor Services Direct in these instances.

All parts available are listed below. Select the parts that you need. On the ¨MY ORDER¨ page, you will be presented the total cost to purchase the parts, plus the estimated costs of importation. Costs of importation are estimated based on the best information available. Importation costs may vary based on variatens in the US$ to R$ exchange rate, actual taxes imposes by Receipta Federal, actual transportation costs. Pricing may change based on change in taxes applied by Brazilian Receita Federal, actual transportation costs and US$ to R$ at the time of purchase/ importation.

TurboCor Compressor Replacement parts